Acupuncture & A Course In Miracles

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Expand Your Potential:
Break through consciousness barriers – enjoy the life you desire!

 Are you stuck in emotional patterns wanting to move forward?

Is it difficult to concentrate, maintain focus or quiet your mind?

Is you life’s experience an out-of-control emotional roller-coaster?

Are you experiencing insomnia, fatigue or stress?

Are you anxious, depressed or struggling with addiction?

Are you overwhelmed by a lethal diagnosis or debilitating illness?

Do you want to stop use of psychotropic medications and
manage your mental health with natural therapies?

Acupuncture & A Course In Miracles are two forms of Mind-Body Medicine. Acupuncture induces deep states of relaxation, relieves pain opening your mind to be more receptivity to changing which mind you will choose to listen to; the ego and fear or Spirit and Love.

These services utilize a variety of modern Mind-Body and and traditional therapies for you to experience to find which one(s) are most effective. Each session is set to beautiful audio recordings of
A Course In Miracles passages. Van’s twelve years experience as a student of  A Course In Miracles ensures ideal selection of passages for your mind training sessions.

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How does Acupuncure & A Course In Miracles help me Reach My Potential?
To reach your potential requires a healthy Mind, Spirit and Body.

A Course In Miracles provides the intellectual insights and processes that remove self-defeating beliefs and fills us with thoughts that support our infinite creative abilities in all dimensions of reality, thus a healthy Mind.
A Course In Miracles dismantles our illusions of being separated from our Divine, Loving, Peaceful and all Powerful nature, thus a healthy Spirit.
A Course In Miracles empowers us with the abiity to choose Love and surrender fear resulting in a Mind resting in Eternal Peace with a body freed from self-induced internal biochemical harm, thus a healthy body. 

Acupuncture activates the body’s internal processes and substrate materials for brain function that results in a Neuroendocrine Immunological state that supports mental processes, thus a healthy brain enironment for processing higher states of awareness. Acupuncture can intervene upon brain and bodily activity to relieve mental disturbances (states of anxiety, depression, Bi-polar) to experience a peaceful mind, thus an experience of Spirit. Acupuncture can intervene upon the limbic region of the brain shifting the body from a fear based sympathetic state to a Love (non-fear) based para-sympathetic state resulting with a body freed from internal biochemical harm, thus a naturally healthy body. Natural Medicinals provide raw materials and biochemical modulators to restore bodily functions, thus a naturally healthy body.

Benefit of the Combination

Healing of the body or mind occurs when the root cause is diagnosed and then appropriately treated. Example: If you experience anxiety because neurons in the brain remain in a state of being ‘switched ON’ because you lack specific nutrients that automatically ‘switch OFF’ the neurons, the treatment is nutraceutical/nutrition therapy and not solely meditation to quiet the mind. Also, if your anxiety is due to the ego’s fear then appropriate action is to idenify/surrender the fear-based thoughts and then choose Love, Forgiveness. In this case nutraceutical/nutrition therapy would be of no help.

Van Harding developed the diagnostic differential skills when recovering from a brain injury due to a medical mistake resulting in the loss of many abilities (memory, speech, language, math and more). Subsequent he was overwhelmed with fears of not being able to function and care for himself with spells of overwhelming anxiety and deep depression – sometimes due to nutrition and sometimes the ego. Van has spent the past 12 years developing these skills – he’s a ‘faucet to deliever this healing water’ to you.

 The Mind-Body Connection: How the mind causes disease & How the Mind can heal the body

Disease and poor health occur because there are two blocks that interfere with normal physiological mechanisms and they are of different origins. One is internal being the emotional conciousness of fear and the second is external being the foods, toxins we consume/exposed and our life style.

Regardless of the severity of a health condition you are battling, there is scientific proof that you can heal yourself. The human body existance is based upon the predetermined process of continual construction of cells into a functioning organism: cells are built, do their job, wear out, die and are replaced thus we have built-in physiological mechanisms that can fix and replace damaged cells. As well we have mechanisms to fight-off foreign pathogens and remove internally produced cancer cells. A big phrase to describe these processes is “the physiologcal mechanisms of the Psycho-Neuro-Endocrine-Immune Axis” (PNEIA) and the mechanisms operate smoothly when the body is relaxed, well supplied with nutrients, can easily removes metaboilc waste by-products, not distressed by toxins and is free from self-induced biochemical harm from a fearful mind.

“…the mind can heal the body, but the body cannot heal the mind…” – ACIM

The Internal Block: Fear

At the basis of every negative emotion is the experience of fear. When you experience fear the body enters the ‘fright, flight & fight response’ and that causes a cascade of chemistry changes that blocks the normal functioning of the PNEIA and the result is disease or compromised health. In the modern world the ‘fright, flight & fight response’ is not triggered by concerns of being eaten by a sabertooth lion or dinasaur – it’s activted by the fears of loss and being harmed. Those fears include financial, relationships, physical or psychological health, social status, performance, dreams of achievement – all the things we commonly refer to as the reasons for being ‘stressed -out’.

A Course In Miracles teaches the transcendance of fear thus will remove the internal block to health. Acupuncture intervenes upon the nervous system to disengage the ‘fright, flight & fight response’ thus restoring normal physiological function.

In the modern world it is common that negative emotions are unprocessed being distracted by the fast paced, demanding lives and excess information.

A Course In Miracles states that along with our fear(s) behind each negative emotion are thoughts of guilt and the belief in sin (shame & punishment) thus a ‘trilogy’ that perpetuates a consciousness of anxiety and depression. Acupuncture can facilitate your awareness to those hidden emotions, thoughts and beliefs by its ability to induce states of deep relaxation and shifts in consciousness. Equally so, Acupuncture can activate biochemical pathways to alter mood as well as modulate and reinforce new neuronetwork connections.

There is no drug or herb that can eliminate your experience of fear without rendering you incapacited nor chnage your thoughts and beliefs. A Cousre In Miracles says that within you is the the power of choice – to change your perceptions and heal the body and the mind.

“Sickness is a defense against the truth.” – ACIM

 The External Block: Foods, Toxins, Diet & Life Style

A Course In Miracles states “The mind can be made free when it no longer sees itself as in a body, firmly tied to it and sheltered by its presence.” Freeing the mind can be difficult if there is biochemical interference with your physiology or dysfucntion of bodily systems.

Did you know that many cogntive dysfunctions (difficulty concentrating, foggy thinking, reduced mental speed and stamina) and general health complaints (insomnia, fatigue, difficulty relaxing, irritability) can be caused or exaccerbated by any of the items on the List of Food, Toxins, Diet and Life Style? As well those factors can cause or exaccerbate emotional, psychological and psychiatric disorders.

When physiological mechanisms are impaired or dysfucntional, life can be difficult – like trying to walk when you have a thorn in your foot. You can spend your mental energy persevering, yet wisdom tells us to remove the thorn. On your journey of transcending the ego’s illusions it’s wise to restore proper physiological function.

List of Foods, Toxins Diet & Life Style

Transcending the ego is much easier when you are not struggling with an externally induced dysfunction or hyperfunction of the body’s physiology. The ego maximizes all of these to keep you distracted from connecting to your Higher Self. If there is an item on the following list which you have never heard of, or do not know what it factually represents or the impact it has on your emotional, psychological or mental functions it could be a significant factor that is ‘blocking you from being a faucet of Love or experiencing Inner Peace.

– Poor blood sugar management
– Undiagnosed pre-diabetes
– Deficiencies of vitamins, minerals, enzymes
– Gluten Sensitivity (non-Celiac Disease)
– Addiction to grain or dairy
– Unidentified food allergies
– Neurological Excitotoxins from food or environment
– Newly discovered neurological autoimmunity
– Accumulation of environmental chemicals
– Poor management of an autoimmune disease
– Side effects from:  prescription medications, over the counter drugs, recreational drugs, alcohol, herbs
– Altered Cortisol & Melatonin Cycle
– Sleep deprivation due to electronics, alcohol
– Cellphone, texting, email excess usage
– Evening TV, Computer activities
– Over exercise
– Excess caffeine

If you have not had a thorough assessment of foods, toxins, diet & life style and lab tests to rule out those possible causes you may have a dysfunctional or hyper-excitable neuro-physiological mechanism at the root of your disease or disorder which can be corrected and you can more easily surrender the ego.

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Neuro-science of ACIM

Lesson 1  “Nothing I see means anything”

Lession 2  “I have given everything I see all the meaning that it has for me”

Lesson 3  “I do not understand anything I see.”