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Recovering brain function, improving mental processing or establishing emotional stability is a complex process. When medications, surgery, psychiatric or psychological therapy have not provided you with improvement it is commonly due 1) the lack of addressing the complex relationships between neurological, endocrine, immune systems 2) nutritional deficiencies or food sensitivities and/or 3) the undermining chemistry caused by responses to specific thoughts and beliefs (mind-body connection). To address the complexity of the individual patient it is necessary to engage a multi-step process to investigate and develop an appropriate treatment plan to unify and address ALL the factors that are unique to your case.     

Step 1: Free 30 Minute Pre-Patient Consultation (Phone or In-person)
Van offers this no cost 30 minute consultation to discuss your case, answer your questions and determine if he can help you. This consultation can on the phone or in-person at the Truckee clinic. After the consultation, if you decide to proceed, you will be provided 20+ pages of health history questionnaires, medical records release forms and patient registration forms. After you’ve completed the forms and if necessary have gathered your medical records you can schedule your Initial Consultation.

Step 2: Initial Consultation (1-2 hours)
At the initial consultation Van will review the completed health history questionnaires, ask additional questions and provide you the opportunity to share any and all information that you want him understand about you and your case. During this consultation Van will review your submitted medical records to determine if additional lab tests or image studies are necessary to make a determination as to what will be needed to develop your treatment plan and prospective improvements in your health. This consultation includes a physical exam and functional neurological assessment. 

Step 3: Case Investigation & Develop Your Personalized Healthcare Plan 
After the initial consultation, if you and Van agree to move forward, Van will proceed with an in-depth case investigation and develop your personalized Healthcare Plan proposal which includes a Report of Findings, Plan of Care and Financial Plan.
– Report of Findings identifies the issues or factors that have been preventing you from improvement and the recommendations of therapies, tests, medicines and outside referrals (if needed) for healing.
– Plan of Care includes a timeline for treatments. re-evaluations to measure your progress and changes to therapies to advance your healing.
– Financial Plan details the cost of therapies, lab tests, image studies, re-evaluations and other items listed in the plan of care.

Having a Healthcare Plan provides you with clarity about your health condition, appropriate expectations of your improvement and specificity of the the means necessary to achieve those improvements.  The case review typically requires 1 week or longer depending upon the arrival of past medical records or new lab tests results or image studies.   

Step 4: Follow-Up Consultation – Case Review and Healthcare Proposal (1-2 hours)

At the follow-up consultation Van will present your personalized Healthcare Plan proposal and provide an in-depth discussion of the Report of Findings, Plan of Care and Financial Plan. This consultation provides you the opportunity to ask any and all questions about services, therapies, expectations of outcomes, timing and duration of treatment, financial obligations, patient compliance and the reasoning basis of all aspects of treatment. Sometimes scientific research studies are included in the discussion to provide evidence based medicine as to the efficacy of the therapies.