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Wellness & Prevention

The pursuit of wellness and prevention of diseases is important for everyone! The technology, advance and laboratory tests we access for treating neurological issues are ideal for assessing many typical health conditions.

Patients who had a stroke and/or heart attack are in need of science based changes to diet and life style. These changes are also ideal for prevention of re-occurrance as well as the treatment of diabetes, pre-diabetes, obesity, hypertension, brain aging, neurodegeneration and cancer.

Fatigue  Insomnia   Stress   Colds & Flu   Diabetes   Weight Loss   Hypertension   Smoking Cessation      Cardiovascular Care for Post Stroke or Heart Attack
Men & Women’s Reproductive & Anti-aging 

Post Detoxification of alcohol, recreational substances and medications

Are you seeking wellness free of medications?
Many health issues are caused by diet and life style and it is not easy to figure out what changes to make and diets to include. Healing through diet, life style and nutrition can be complex and you need guidance based upon science, research and proven clinical success.

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ABCNews: Insomnia, Sleeping Pills Shorten Life Span & Mask Current Disorders

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