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Natural Medicinals

The most commonly understood aspect of Natural Medicinals is the consumption of foods, herbs and nutritional supplements (nutriceuticals) as well as getting adequate sleep, rest and relaxation. All of those along with many more facilitate the restoration of the body’s normal physiology which facilitates good health. These approaches to healthcare are within the paradigms of the following:
Functional Medicine & Orthomolecular Medicine
– Traditional Chinese Medicine
– Naturopathy

Yet, a big part of Natural Medicinals today must include the elimination of foreign or toxic substances for normal physiology to be restored and it goes beyond colonics and detoxification programs.  Our modern world of highly processed foods contain excitotoxins. Many excitotoxins occupy the receptor site of cells in the brain thus interfere with the normal physiology and until it is removed it causes many unpleasant neurological side effects. These side effects include anxiety, irritability, anger, rage, violent outbursts, tics, tremors and many more. It is the elimination of these from the body/brain that will restore function and relief off symptoms.

Also, restoration of normal physiology may require the use of sophisticated laboratory tests, monitoring blood or urine and detailed life style and/or dietary assessment to identify what we ourselves are not doing correctly to support our physiology. Below is a list of factors that influence our emotions and cognitive abilities:

– Poor blood sugar management, undiagnosed pre-diabetes
– Deficiencies of nutrients (vitamins, minerals, enzymes)
– Gluten Sensitivity (non-Celac Disease)
– Addiction to grain or dairy modified protein
– Unidentified food allergies
– Newly discovered neurological antibodies
– Accumulation of environmental chemicals
– Poor management of an existing autoimmune disease
– Side effects of prescription medications, over the counter drugs, herbs