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Herbs, Nutraceuticals, Diet & Nutrition




The main role of Herbs, Nutraceuticals, Nutrition and Diet is to eliminate the use of pharmaceutical drugs because they can correct many underlying dysfunctional biological mechanism that cause disorders/diseases and their symptoms whereas drugs only seek to alleviate the symptom.

Herbs and Nutraceuticals are safer than drugs. According to the CDC there are “0” deaths annually due to herbs and nutraceuticals whereas prescription drugs cause approxiamtely 250,000 deaths annually. As well, many drugs have a cumulative toxic effect in the body causing side effects after the medication has stopped being ingested.

The Role of Herbal Medicine for Your Treatment has several parts. First, they contain properties that can stimulate bodily functions such as induce sweating, urination and defecation. Second, some herbs contain compounds that act similarly as hormones and can help regular the endocrine system and histamines to impact the immune system. Third, some act upon the central nervous system to stop cough, have sedative and stimulant effects and some can modulate chemical pathways. Fourth, they can provide missing vitamins and minerals. Fifth, some can replace topical creams to treat trauma and injuries.  

Van’s practice uses American and Chinese herbs that are processed by companies in the USA and are organic.

The Role of Nutraceuticals for Your Treatment is to replenish vitamins, minerals and enzymes that are deficient at the root cause of many disorders and diseases. Van’s practice uses only pharmaceutical grade products manufactured in the USA, have the highest absorbability and assimilation. The result is quick and high therapeutic effects with less impact upon the digestive system. Some compounds are transdermal (applied to the skin), some are sublingual (absorbed under the tongue)  and others are suppositories.
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The Role of Diet & Nutrition for Your Treatment is many. First, is to ensure that calories are sourced from appropriate foods to balance blood sugar. Second, that fiber, fat, protein and carbohydrates are balanced and that they will support the actions of herbs, nutraceuticals and/or medications used treating your condition. Third, that the foods and the diet schedule support ease of digestion, non-interference with herbs, nutraceuticals and medications, support healthy flora in the GI Tract and the immune system, and induce regular bowel movements.
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