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How To Prepare for Your Appointment

How to Prepare for the Appointment

24 hours Prior to the Appointment
Review your paperwork
the copies of the General Information & Health History. Please write down any information that may not have been included in the questionnaire and bring it with you. Also, please write down any questions that you have so we can discuss them.

Companions: You are welcome to bring a friend or family member to be with you at all times or to wait for you in our reception area.

On the Day of Your First Appointment
What to wear:
Clothing needs to be loosely fitted so that pant legs can be raised above the knee (or bring a pair of shorts) and shirt sleeves that can be raised to the shoulder. Shirts that button on the front are ideal. Ladies braziers need to be without underwire and not a sports-bra.

What to eat: A small snack 30 minutes prior or a regular meal no sooner than one hour. Please eat the foods that are typical and refrain from making any changes. Please do not consume caffeinated drinks (coffee, teas or soda) or foods (chocolate) the day of the appointment.

What to bring: Copies of your General Information & Health History forms and your medical records or other documents if they were indicated as necessary for first appointment or consultation.

Where to Park: Parking will be on the adjacent streets. There are electronic metered spaces along Jibboom Street and Donner Pass Road.

What to do after your treatment: It is recommended that you plan extra time to rest at our office or in your automobile for 5 minutes to regain your focus before driving. Patients usually feel very relaxed after acupuncture and sometimes are very sleepy and may have fallen asleep during treatment. For the remainder of the day refrain from overexertion, intense exercise, OTC drugs (over the counter drugs, non-prescription) and alcohol.