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Toxin ID & Removal

In the modern world everyone is exposed to many chemicals in their home, work place, recreational and public facilities. Over time those chemicals can build-up in the body and cause dysfunction or hyper activity of the immune system and pathologies in cells, tissues, endocrine glands and dysfunction of organ systems. In many some cases these chemicals effect the nervous system and can be the root cause or contributors of emotional, psychological and mental issues.  See this video by Cyrex Labs

Today through detailed questionnaires and new advanced lab testing many toxins can be identified. The elimination of exposure can have a significant positive impact upon your health. Van’s practice uses those protocols and tests to assist your recovery.

Are you suffering with inflammation flare-ups:
 – Autoimmune flare-ups of an unknown cause?
– Ongoing inflammation of an unknown source?

Get headaches with exposure to:
– perfume, cologne’, make-up
– new carpeting, household cleaners
– hobby glues, aerosols
– motor oils, gasoline fumes

If you have an autoimmune disease or are recovering from a stroke or other brain injury it is vital that you eliminate environmental toxins that are causing inflammation. The inflammation not only advances the destruction by the autoimmune disease it also can damage the blood brain barrier which is protecting the brain allowing further damage to the affected area.

If you are having headaches with exposures to chemical fumes the most common cause is the a breach of the blood brain barrier and inflammation effecting the blood vessels and brains neurons. It is important to remove exposures, control the inflammation and repair the blood brain barrier. All of this is can be achieved through detailed investigation, acupuncture, detoxification and natural medicinals.

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