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Treatment of Stroke, TBI & Concussion Syndrome

Are you looking to do everything that can be done for you or a loved one who is suffering from a stroke, TBI, or post-concussion syndrome?

Natural Therapies for Brain Injuries
Natural Therapies
for Brain Injuries

Van Harding brings to the Truckee-Tahoearea the most advanced Neuro-Acupuncture, natural medicine and modern therapies for treating brain injuries.

  • Neuro-Acupuncture used in China’s Neurological & Brain Hospital
  • Functional Neurology and Neurological Therapy
  • Functional & Orthomolecular Medicine with Nutraceutical Therapy
  • Adv. Laboratory Testing for food sensitivities that inhibit brain healing
  • House Calls to Home, Rehab/Convalescent Centers and Hospitals

You probably have never heard of Neuro-acupuncture, Scalp Acupuncture,
Functional Neurological Therapy or Neurophysiology modulation via nutra-
ceuticals yet all are effective treatments for Acute Stroke and Chronic Stroke,
TBI and post-concussion syndrome including but not limited to:

  • Lower and/or upper limb paralysis
  • Dysphagia
  • Diplopia
  • Motor Speech impediment
  • Memory Loss
  • Aphasia or Apraxia
  • Behavior and personality changes
  • Diminished cognitive abilities

Scalp and Neuro-Acupuncture works by insertion of tiny needles into the scalp and specific acupoint on the body respectively simulating the brain’s neuroendocrine immune systems thus activating the brain’s natural healing properties.  Scalp Acupuncture combined with Neurological Therapy facilitates the return of brain function by supporting neuroplasticity, restoration of  the brains neurophysiology and modulation of the brain’s chemical pathways. A decade of clinical application in China’s Qingdao Neurological & Brain Hospital has shown that patients who received the combined therapies recovered more quickly and gained higher functioning of effected areas than patients who did not receive it.

Scalp and Neuro-Acupuncture & Scientific Research

Give yourself or your loved one every opportunity to recover and maximize results.
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When should Neuro-Acupuncture treatments begin?
As soon as possible and here’s why – the Windows of Three’s.

The duration of treatment is typically dependent upon the amount of time that has lapsed between the injury and the start of Neuro-Acupuncture. The shorter the time lapsed the quicker the improvements can occur and the longer the delay of treatment there is decreased therapeutic effect. In China, when treated in the ER or ICU within 3 hours to 3 days of the injury there is significant reduction of damage to the brain from inflammation/cerebral edema and salvage of penumbra by recanalization of occluded blood vessels. The following 3 days (6-7 days post injury) another decrease of therapeutic effect sets-in, followed by 3 weeks, 3 months and six months. The reduction in therapeutic effect has two outcomes: 1) it may require many more weeks or months to recover function as compared to the rate of recovery that typically occurs with treatment during the first 3 hours or six days post injury and 2) in may be that less function can be recovered regardless to the amount treatment and therapy applied.

Can Neuro-Acupuncture produce results 6 or more months after injury?
Yes and some times up to 2 to 6 years post injury !

How do I arrange treatment in hospital? 
Contact your Attending or Treating Physician and request the approval of acupuncture therapy. Van will provide copies of his license(s), malpractice insurance and any additional requests by the hospital administration. After you have a verbal approval by the hospital provide to Van the necessary hospital contact information administration to submit documents. If you have difficulty with the hospital administrators Van is willing to assist via telephone or in person.

Acupuncture is slowly being included at hospitals and some may not permit it due to their unfamiliarity or lack of policies for its execution on hospital premises. If acupuncture is permitted at the hospital most likely treatment will be permitted when the patient is stable and no longer in the ER or ICU. I encourage you to ask – there are many neurologists who may be willing to include acupuncture to the patients care.

Can Neuro-Acupuncture help with Pain Management?
Yes ! It is common that TBI or PCS patients were in an major accidents and sustained injuries to chest or abdomen causing significant pain or required surgery resulting in post-operative pain. These patients can be helped with neuro-acupuncture to reduce the pain, swelling and subsequently a reduction of pain medications and their side effects. As a secondary result, patients may begin rehabilitation or be discharged in a more timely manner.

What is Neurological Therapy and how does it work?
Neurological Therapy is a proactive brain performance strategy and a powerful treatment option for disorders of the nervous system.  The practice of functional neurology and the related neurological Therapy is inherent of many healthcare professions including chiropractic, psychology, conventional medicine, optometry, audiology, physical and occupational therapies. Click here to read and see video on Interactive Metronome.  Van is a unique acupuncturist including all of these in his practice.

Will Van work with our rehabilitation team?
Yes! He will work with your Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Speech and/or Language Therapist, athletic trainer or family members to gain therapeutic effects.

Will Van travel to our rehab team or home?
Yes, patients are treated either in hospital, rehabilitation centers, Van’s private Truckee office or in the comfort of the patient’s home.

How many treatments are needed and how frequently?
Typically daily assessments with treatments are required over a two week period to fully assess progress and the severity of the dysfunction to formulate a complete treatment plan. The treatment plan will detail all of the necessary modalities and their frequency and duration. When patients are treated within three weeks of the injury there has been improvements and a treatment plan can easily be determined. Patients that begin after three weeks of injury require a two week assessment to determine a treatment plan.

What’s the difference between Conventional Medical Neurology and Functional Neurology?
They differ by their approach to treatment. A Conventional Medical Neurologist is typically focused on the diagnosis of structural pathology and utilizes pharmaceutical and surgical interventions to treat disease. A Functional Neurologist views the nervous system as a moldable, changeable entity that can be affected through unlimited types of stimulation. This concept of the brain being able to change its function through environmental stimulation is termed neuroplasticity. Functional Neurology uses anything that can stimulate the nervous system (e.g. vision, sound, smell, movement, balance, reflexes, etc.) as a method to activate areas of the brain to induce neuron plasticity and/or modulate chemical pathways.

What are Functional and Orthomolecular Medicine?
They do not use pharmaceutical drugs or surgery to heal the body, those are the domain of conventional medicine and prescribed by medical doctors. Both Functional and Orthomolecular medicine view all diseases and disorders are due to a dysfunction of normal biology and/or physiology. A diagnosis is determined through the assessment of metabolic and physiological function of which may include extensive testing of blood, urine, feces and/or imaging studies with MRI, CTScan, etc. The treatment of diseases and disorders are specific dietary, nutraceuticals, herbs and/or nutritional interventions.

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