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Diagnosis & Treatment of Gluten Sensitivity

New Diagnostic Blood Tests

The Three Problems with Conventional Gluten Sensitivity Testing
1. Current mainstream medical practice for testing gluten sensitivity is to test for 2 of the 14 ‘gluten’ proteins that are found in wheat. The problem with the convention test method is that you could test positive (have an immune system response) to any of the other 12 ‘gluten’ proteins and test negative to the 2 which are on the conventional test. The results would be that your doctor tells you that you are not gluten sensitive but you know that you have all the symptoms.

2. Gluten is not limited to wheat – is within al other grains. The problem is that conventional testing only tests for 2 of the ‘gluten’ proteins in wheat and does not test for any glutens in the other grains such as:

Rye, barley, corn, rice, oats, amaranth, quinoa, sorghum, hemp, spelt, polished wheat, teff, millet, sesame

3. The immune system response to gluten is not limited to just gluten containing foods. There are other foods which can cause the same immune system response. Again, The problem is that conventional testing only tests for 2 of the ‘gluten’ proteins in wheat and does not test for any of these non-gluten foods such as:

Eggs, cow’s dairy, whey protein, soy, white potatoes, Instant coffee, tapioca, yeast, casein

Today there are new cutting edge blood tests that are highly specific for identifying the following:
1. Wheat gluten – all 14 ‘gluten’ proteins
2. Cross Reactive Foods: grains and other foods that cause the same immune response as gluten
3. Antibodies that destroy human cells that are produced in response to gluten

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Treatment of Gluten Sensitivity

My practice includes excellent natural products that are highly effective of dampening the immune systems inflammation to reduce the negative impact on cells and tissues. As well we have extensive diet and meal plans to make the transition to preparing and eating the appropriate diet to meet all you health needs.

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