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Treatment of Emotions, Psychological & Mental Disorders

Did you know that many emotional, psychological, mental and neuro-psychiatric conditions can be misdiagnosed and are caused by any of the factors listed below? When the following are not assessed the results are treatment by medications with harmful side effects.

– Poor blood sugar management, undiagnosed pre-diabetes, insulin resistance
– Anemia
– Metabolic syndrome
– Uncommon infection – bacteria, viral, parasite
– Low blood pressure
Thyroid: hypo or hyper function, dysfunctional thyroid complex
– Deficiencies of nutrients (vitamins, minerals, enzymes)
– Failed enzyme synthesis or reactions
Inability to properly metabolize niacin
Gluten & Other Food Proteins Sensitivity
Undetected addiction to gluteomorphin (wheat) and caseomorphin (cow’s dairy)
Unidentified Food Sensitvities and/or Accumulation of Environmental Toxins    Watch Video: Cyrex Labs
Breach in the Blood-Brain Barrier   Watch Video: Cyrex Labs
– Unidentified newly discovered neurological autoimmune/antibodies
See Cyrex Labs:  Array 5         Watch Video: Cyrex Labs
– Neurological Excitotoxins
– Poor management of an existing autoimmune disease (RA, ALS, MS, Hashimoto’s, etc)
– Accumulation of medications in the body or their Side Effects
– Distorted perceptions or understandings

If you have not had a thorough assessment of the items listed above via diet, life style and unique lab tests you may have a dysfunctional physiological mechanism at the root of your disorder and could have been misdiagnosed or are vulnerable to being misdiagnosed with an emotional, psychological, neuro-psychological or mental disorder and be prescribed an unnecessary medication.

At Tahoe Neuro Healing we assess all of the physiological mechanisms through extensive evaluations and lab tests to identify the cause of your ‘inner pain and suffering’. Thereafter a specific therapy program is presented to heal the brain, mind and emotions.

Under Diagnosed Causes of Depression & Fatigue

Why do I still have Thyroid Symptoms When my Lab Tests are Normal?

datis kharrazian photoKATU am Northwest logoKUTA

Dr. Datis Kharrazian discusses the new understandings of thyroid autoimmune disease and how many patients are misdiagnosed with depression  when actually they have a hypothyroid mechanism condition.  Watch Interview


Your Mental or Emotional Disorder maybe due to or impact by new Neurodegenerative Causes

Brain BBBcyrex labs logoCyrex Labs, Inc

Learn about the newly emerging   neurodegenerative conditions caused by  food and environment exposures of which many of today’s mental and emotional disorders are directly linked.  Patients who do not improve with conventional medicine and/or psychotherapy  may require  laboratory tests  to identify  necessary  lifelong dietary modifications and appropriate  neuroendocrine immunological support.


Did you know that prescription medications for depression and anxiety are the most numerous prescribed drug in the USA and that most are being issued without an appropriate diagnosis and patients are suffering the consequences of side effects and are not being helped?  See this report by CNN and Prevention Magazine from 2007. CDC: Anti-depressants most prescribed drug in USA

What disorders and diseases are commonly misdiagnosed?

Psychological Disorders: Anxiety, AADD, ADHD, Bi-Polar, Bi-Polar Personality Disorder, Depression, Eating Disorders, OCD, PBA or Phobias

Emotions: Anger-Rage, Fear, Excess Grief, Out-of-control Crying, Constant Worry, Mood Swings, Anxious – nervous

Neurological degenerative brain disorder/disease such as Memory difficulties, slowed speech, dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, White Matter Disease

Mental diseases/disorders such as Schizophrenia

Any of the above diseases or disorders can be misdiagnosed when based upon the use of standard conventional diagnosis and when identified can be corrected without medications. The necessary additional diagnostic evaluations and lab tests are not within standard training of MDs and Psychiatrists and therefore are not covered by insurance. And because the treatments are not the use of a prescription medication there is no insurance coverage for the detoxification, dietary, nutritional supplements or neurological development/training therapy.

Sleeping Pills Linked to Four Fold Increase of Death Risk

abc News Sleeping pillsby Lara Salahi & Reported by Diane Sawyer
February 27, 2012

Researchers looked at 34,000 patients records, fewer than half of whom took FDA-approved sleep meds as Ambien, Restoril, Lunesta, and Sonata. They found that those who took fewer than 18 sleeping pills a year were at greater risk of death and developing cancer than those who were not prescribed sleeping aids.

Read more & Watch ABC Nightly News Report with Diane Sawyer


Are you stuck in emotional-mental patterns wanting to move forward?

Is it difficult to concentrate, maintain focus or quiet your mind?

Are you experiencing insomnia, fatigue or stress? 

Do you want to stop use of psychotropic or pain medications?

Have psychotropic meds been recommended but you don’t want to use them?

Are you struggling with any form of addiction?

Are you too embarrassed or fearful to seek help from a psychologist or psychiatrist?

Van can assist you to overcome those issues from blocking your healing or assist in the managed care.  He uses the most advanced and specialized lab tests. Van also uses extensive questionnaires, detailed case review and oral interview to find the root cause.

His treatments integrate Acupuncture with Nutrition, Diet & Life style changes, Nutraceutical supplementation, Herbal Medicine, Essential Oils, soft-tissue techniques and Neurological Therapy to restore your natural and normal function. When physical pain is present, Neuro-acupuncture can access your own internal opiods for relief. His bedside manner is compassion and empathy for you and your family comes first, the information is second!

If you have not had a thorough assessment of diet, life style and lab tests
to rule out the above possible causes you may have a dysfunctional physiological mechanism at the root of your disorder which can be restored.

Have us Verify your Insurance Benefits.
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Treating individuals and couples.

“My assessment services fill a void by doing the testing and assessments that are outside the scope of practice or expertise of a psychologist or psychiatrist. My unique and integrated therapy services provides treatments that maximize the potentials to restore correct physiological functioning of many body systems. The emotional-psychological-mental experience is interdependent with the body’s actions, the mind’s thoughts and the emotions and that allows for sometimes simple solutions to address complex “domino” interactions of psycho-neuro-endocrine-immune relationships which give us our life experience.”  – Van Harding L.Ac.

NOTE: Van Harding’s services are not a substitute for cognitive-talk therapy by licensed psychologists or psychiatrist.

Eating Disorder Screening Test – If you think that you or someone you know has an eating disorder, you can take this FREE Online Screening Test by the NEDA (National Eating Disorder Association).

This screening is designed to help you look at your thoughts and behaviors that may be associated with eating disorders. This screening is not a substitute for assessment and/or treatment by a qualified professional. All of your answers will be kept confidential. Please answer honestly and completely. You may contact the NEDA Helpline for any  questions related to this screening.

Heart Attack & Stroke Prevention
Did you know that scientific research has determined that outbursts of anger can “increase the risk of developing a heart attack in the next two hours between 2.4 – 7.3 times higher than usual. The risk of developing stroke increased between 1.7 – 7.6 times ”
See Anger Increases Risk of Heart Attack & Stroke