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Treatment of Pain: Neurological, Acute, Trauma & Chronic

The list below are pain sensations that can be caused by a damaged nerve or the central nervous system (spinal cord and/or brain). These are referred to as being neurological pain.

A hallmark indication the pain is from the brain is that you and your doctor have tried every known option to eliminate your pain and nothing has had success. Neuro/Scalp-Acupuncture is an excellent treatment and has many excellent outcomes for these pain syndromes. Also, if you have difficulty living with the side effects of you pain medication Neuro/Scalp Acupuncture have excellent results.

Phantom Pain aka Residual Limb Pain

Complex Regional or RSDS

Headaches & Migraines

Plantar Fascitis

Restless Leg Syndrome

A Case of Phantom Pain
Dr. Jason Hao, doctor of Chinese Medicine and acupuncturist, demonstrated the efficacy of Neuro-acupuncture at Walter Reed Hospital treating Iraq and Afghanistan veterans suffering from Phantom Limb pain aka Residual Limb Pain. The patient still feels pain in the foot, leg, hand or arm where the original injury occurred but in fact the body part no longer is attached – it has been amputated. The pain is not from the amputation site. What is occurring is that the region of the brain that is associated with the body part which had been removed is still processing the pain perception as though the injured body part(s) were attached. Neuro-acupuncture can ‘deactivate’ that area of the brain and end the pain. Some patient’s pain ended with one or two treatments.

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Pain caused by Trauma or Degeneration
May have an acute onset or continual  reoccurance, can be due to impact injury, repetitive motion(s), aging or autoimmune disease(s). This includes:
     – Arthritis due to Rheumatoid, Oesto-arthritis, Psoratic, Degenerative joint Disease
     – Sprains & Strains to muscle, tendons, ligaments
     – Neck & Back pain
     – Headaches