Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Technology
Understanding the Mysteries of Acupuncture

Decades of research from around the world determined that the body is an electric battery that produces its own electricity through chemical processes and that it is a semiconductor of direct current. The conductance and propagation of electricity is along liquid saturated tissue and peri-neural tissue that connects every cell of the body to each other. The electrical currents regulate growth, healing and is the energy basis of life processes. Lack of energy causes dysfunction of tissues, glands, organs and can be identified by measuring the electrical currents. The changes to the currents appears in the body before the body has enough decline to have a pathology which can then be measured in a blood test. Hence, measuring the currents can detect the early stages of a developing disease.

AcuGraph is computer technology that measures the electrical current moving throughout the body. I use it in my practice to assist diagnosis and apply more precise treatments.

See a demonstration of Acugraph in the following proceeding video.

Evaluating The Human Energy System

 Seen in the video is Dr. Adrian Larsen applying the test. He is the developer of Acugraph and president of Miridia Technologies, Inc.

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