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Beyond Conventional Care

Scientific Breakthroughs—Things Have Changed    

The past two decades of research has ended 400 years of belief that the brain was a fixed organ and when broken there was little if nothing to repair it. We now know that the brain is plastic – it can change:

– grow new neurons and make new connections

– another area of the brain can take-over control and return function where it was lost

– modulate neurotransmitter pathways

– grow new blood vesseles


Go Beyond Conventional Care

Conventional care includes surgery (tumor removal, stop internal bleeding & stint implants), medications to suppress neuro-dysfunction symptoms and therapies to recover function(Occupational, Physical and Speech/Language).

At Tahoe Neuro Healing your therapy program is individually designed using natural and non-invasive therapies to support brain neuroplasticity not found in the conventional healthcare system. These therapies are adjunct to conventional care. As well the newest and ad-vanced lab testing and imaging studies not covered by insurance are available to provide the best possible assessment of your condition and foundation for your program. The therapies are clinically proven to support:

– Recovery from injury such as: TBI, Stroke, Concussion, chemotherapy, radiation theapy<
substance abuse, medications, alcoholism

– Enhance athletic, academic or mental performance

– Facilitating child development

– Reducing degeneration: Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Dementia

– Off-setting dysfunction, increase function: Autism, Asperger’s, Down Syndrome

– Added care for autoimmune diseases: Multiple Sclerosis, ALS

– Treatment for neuro-psychiatric, mental & emotional disorders such as: Bi-polar, OCD, ADHD,
PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Hypersensitivity, memory loss, aphasia, mental fatigue, insomnia
and more



The following therapies and stimulations activate, modulate and integrate brain function. These include motor, sensory, cognitive, executive and perceptual functions.

Neuro-acupuncture can stimulate specific regions of the brain that assists neuron connections, the reduction of inflammation and increase blood flow.
Visual stimulation using video and eye exercises
Auditory stimulation using binaural, frequency specific and sounds
Proprioceptive Motion stimulation using guide, active and passive physical motion
Olfactory stimulation using essential oils
Interactive Metronome is a computerized neurological guided therapy process that manages
therapy sequences and timings to accommodate neuron physiology requirements of firing and
recovery. Note: 2013 Study with veteran’s with explosive blast induced brain injuries determined
that neurological therapies combined with Interactive Metronome resulted with higher recovery of
lost abilities and faster improvements.
Physical activity using Qi Gong, Yoga
Speech & vocal exercises using computer interactive programs and music
Reading exercises
Meditation using traditional methods and hypnosis