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Functional Neurology

Functional Neurology is a proactive brain performance strategy and a powerful treatment option for disorders of the nervous system.  The practice of functional neurology is inherent of many healthcare professions including chiropractic, psychology, conventional medicine, optometry, audiology, physical and occupational therapies.

Conventional Medical Neurology differs from Functional Neurology by the approach to treatment. A Conventional Medical Neurologist is typically focused on the diagnosis of structural pathology and utilizes pharmaceutical and surgical interventions to treat disease. A Functional Neurologist views the nervous system as a moldable, changeable entity that can be affected through unlimited types of stimulation. This concept of the brain being able to change its function through environmental stimulation is termed neuroplasticity. Functional Neurology uses anything that can stimulate the nervous system (e.g. vision, sound, smell, movement, balance, reflexes, etc.) as a method to activate areas of the brain to induce neuron plasticity and/or modulate chemical pathways.

Functional Medicine approaches where metabolic function is assessed and improved with specific diet and nutritional interventions.