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Spring Neuro Reset Discount !

If you are suffering with any of the following conditions, you now have help from Holistic and Integrative Medicine combined with state of the art technologies, natural and non-invasive therapies so you have access to what YOU need to heal!list-winter-neuro-discount

Your discount includes:

  • 2 Hour Consultation with Van Harding, L.Ac. at $150, a $175 savings
  • Up to 12 Therapeutics Treatments at $65, a $30 savings ea.
  • All nutritional supplements, herbs and formulas at cost a 30-75% savings
  • All lab tests at cost, a 15%
  •  1 Consultation Review of Lab Tests with Van Harding, L.Ac. at NO Cost
  •  1 Hour Consultation with Stephanie Jackson, MD at $200, a $100 savings

Feel & Be Your Best!

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Functional Medicine
Nutriceuticals – Diet & Nutrition – Biological HRT

Herbal Medicine
Chinese – Western – Medical Marjuana – CBD Oils
Essential Oils – Flower Essence

Neuro and Traditional

Frequency Therapy
Light – Sound – Visual – Audio

Interactive Metronome – The Listening Program