Register, Schedule First Appointment & How To Prepare

How To Register & Fill-out Clinic Forms

STEP 1 – Which service are your seeking? 
To make this determination see the criteria listed below.

Free Acugraph Screening & Health Consultation: This is a no cost appointment using the Acugraph computer technology to analysis your health. The test requires 10 minutes after which Van will discus the findings, what services we provide to correct the health issues and possible referrals. This is a 60 minute appointment. Click here to view a video of the test and to read more about the acupuncture energy system of your body.

Introductory Acupuncture Session: Patients who have not been treated by acupuncture and want to experience first hand.

Basic Case: New Patients seeking this consultation or treatment are those who have a health condition that matches our list of Chief Complaints or who have a specific diagnosis from a physician that you seek treatment. There is a detailed list of disorders, diseases and health conditions for you to choose from in the Clinic Forms: Basic Case Chief Complaint section.

Laboratory Test(s) Requests: New Patients and Returning Patients seeking laboratory tests. This includes all blood tests such as CBCs, specific nutrients, Gluten Sensitivity (Read this Info), Food Sensitivity, Autoimmune diseases, and all imaging studies such as radiographs, ultrasound, CT scan and MRI.

Complex Case: New Patients seeking this consultation or treatment are those who have a health condition which has not been successfully diagnosed, or have a health condition which has not improved despite appropriate treatment for the diagnosis, or have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease.


Step 2: Fill-out the Clinic Forms
Our registration includes the submittal of two sets of forms. If you are seeking Introductory Acupuncture Session you will submit the Introductory Acupuncture Session packet.

If you are a ‘Introductory Session’ you will submit the packet ‘Introductory Session Registration’.

If you are a ‘Basic Case’ you will submit the packet Basic Case Registration & Health History along with a Chief Complaint (Primary Health Concern) Questionnaire.

If you are Requesting Laboratory Tests  for ‘Gluten Sensitivity’ please read the instruction on the ‘Gluten Screening Test’. All other lab test(s) that is needed for your case will be determined at an appointment or a phone consultation. Thereafter you’ll be provided the password to down load the appropriate lab requisition forms, locate the blood draw facility nearest you and all preparatory instruction to follow prior to the blood draw such as fasting instructions, foods to avaoid for 24 hours, etc.

The forms for the Introductory, Basic Case and Lab Test Registration must be completed before your arrival at your appointment. These are electronic forms and you can fill-in your answers, make a copy to your computer and then print a copy to bring to your appointment. All forms are located in the ‘Clinic Form’ section under Patient Services and there is an individual page for each ‘case type’. View the online calendar to locate and select an available appointment. Our office will respond within 2 hours of submission to confirm the appointment within normal business hours.

If you are a ‘Complex Case’ you will submit the packet Complex Case Registration & Health History.
These forms must be submitted to our office for a pre-appointment review prior to your first appointment. This preview is to ensure that your selected appointment time slot will have the necessary time to complete the assessment for your specific case. After we have prescreened your case we will notify you via email and/or phone to proceed with scheduling your appointment. Thereafter, view the online calendar to locate and select an available appointment. Our office will respond within 2 hours of submission to confirm the appointment within normal business hours.


   Introductory Session           Basic Case           Complex Case           Request Lab Tests


Step 3: Request Your Appointment

Choosing the date: Select a date that allows you 24 hours to follow any specific preparation instructions that are provided to you. Also, choose a date when you can rest or relax after the appointment. The specific preparations will be sent with the confirmation email.

Choosing the time: Plan your arrival time to be 15-20 minutes prior to the appointment time. This is to allow your heart rate and blood pressure to stabilize and to drink water prior to the start time. Plan 15 minutes after the appointment to rest.

Marking your appointment selections on the calendar is done by visiting our Online Appointment Calendar. The calendar is very easy to use – choose the type appointment, then select the day and time you want the appointment, enter your contact information and your Chief Complaint. he system will automatically contact us and we will confirm your appointment within 2 hoursor ask for a slight adjustment if we think it necessary to accommodate you specific health condition and assessment equipment.


Step 4: Prepare for Your First Appointment  24 Hours Prior

Review your paperwork the copies of the General Information & Health History and Chief Complaint (Primary Health Concern). Please write down any information that may not have been included and bring it with you. Also, please write down any questions that you have so we discuss them.

Companions: You are welcome to bring a friend or family member to be with you at all times or to wait for you in our reception area.

Step 5: The Day of Your Appointment

What to wear: Clothing needs to be loosely fitted so that pant legs can be raised above the knee (or bring a pair of shorts) and shirt sleeves can be raised to the shoulder. Shirts that button on the front are ideal. Ladies braziers need to be without underwire and not a sports-bra.

What to eat: A small snack 30 minutes prior or a regular meal no sooner than one hour. Please eat the foods that are typical and refrain from making any changes. We do ask that you do not consume caffeinated drinks (coffee, teas or soda) or foods (chocolate) the day of the appointment.

Where to Park:
Our Building Garage: The enterance is located off an alley that connects to Sepulveda (north bound) and S. Bentley (south bound). The first hour is FREE and then $1 each 20 minutes there after. See Map & Directions  Adjacent Streets: There is ample FREE parking along National Blvd and the adjacent residential streets. There are a few metered spaces along Sepulveda Blvd. The only restrictions are for ‘Street Sweeping”.

What to do after your treatment: It is recommended that you plan extra time to rest at our office or in your automobile for 15 minutes to regain your focus before driving. Patients usually feel very relaxed after acupuncture and sometimes are very sleepy and may have fallen asleep during treatment. For the remainder of the day refrain from overexertion, intense exercise, OTC drugs (over the counter drugs, non-prescription) and alcohol.

Visit the local businesses: Von’s, SaveOn Drugs, Ross Dress4Less, IHop and many small restaurants which are located across the street.