Balance Disorders

Are you experiencing Vertigo?

Have you been diagnosed with vertigo and the symptoms or medication’s side effects are negatively impacting your performance or activities of daily living?

Have you been diagnosed and treated for Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) and still are experiencing symptoms?

Are you experiencing dizziness and vertigo and seek a natural remedy or assisted management?

Has you sense of balance declined or you have lessening coordination?
Has your ability to balance become unpredictable?

Has a neurological test confirmed the above and you were told there is no treatment?

Are you seeking to exhaust all possible assessments and  treatments to improve your condition?

Acupuncture, diet and nutraceuticals can help!

Did you know that the current research has determined a group of autoimmune diseases that damages the area of the brain responsible for coordination and a few critical neurological processes needed for correct brain function? Most importantly for you, the patient, the research has linked this to people who are gluten sensitive. Also, patients who are gluten sensitive can have intermittent ‘flare ups’ of their vertigo or difficulty balancing when exposed to gluten!

Have us assess your case to determine if gluten sensitivity is a likely factor of your disorder, the testing and treatments that are available.

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Research Abstracts:

Oxford Medical, Brain: Journal of Neurology Vol.124, Issue 5 cites the following Germany Study originally published 2001:
Sporadic cerebellar ataxia associated with gluten sensitivity

Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry 2002
Gluten Sensitivity as a Neurological Disease

50 Cases of Vertebrobasilar vertigo treated by acupuncture

Observation of the therapeutic effects on cervical vertigo treated with different (acupuncture) methods.

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