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Unknown to many is the recent research that has determined gluten can trigger a sequence of events that cause autoimmunity against the Blood Brain Barrier, selective brain tissues (myelin and cerebellum) and neurotransmitter reuptake (synapsin) all of which that results in brain altered function and degeneration. (Read Damage and Diseases Caused by Gluten).

If you have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, it may be necessary for you to stop eating gluten and other foods that trigger the gluten immune response because it can damage the blood brain barrier. Myelin Project that is researching the causes and treatments of MS determined a breach of the blood brain barrier is a component of MS and that treatment requires the restoration of the BBB to arrest the disease advancement.

Scalp Acupuncture and Neuro-Acupuncture can help! Research has determined acupuncture can reduce the activity of the brain’s local immune cells that damage the myelin. Also, acupuncture can stimulate the motor cortex to assist neuron activity which leads to improved motor function. See the research listed below.

The integrity of the blood brain barrier, a vast blood vessel system that supplies blood to the brain, can be restored by eliminating environmental compounds and reducing inflammation along with administration of nutraceuticals that rebuild the blood vessels.

Contact our offices to schedule an appointment to have your case assessed, discuss the various tests for blood brain barrier damage, gluten sensitivity, autoimmunity and the available treatments and assistance to management your condition. Below are videos by the myelin Project.

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Multiple Sclerosis by the Myelin Repair Foundation. This 2008 video discusses current understanding of the mechanisms of MS and the myelin damage.

Multiple Sclerosis: The Pathophysiology   by Serono Biotech & Beyond 2008. This 2008 video discusses 1) Interferon Beta Treatments, Rebif-Mechanism of Actions outside the Central Nervous System(CNS), passage of T-Cells through Blood Brain Barrier 2) Pathophysiology inside the CNS by invasion by B-Cell, Phagocytes, T-cells, release of pro-inflammatory cytokines.



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