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Anemia & Polycythemia


Are you dealing with the following? If so, I can help.

Feel tired or fatigue despite eating a very health diet?
Do blood tests consistently indicate anemia?
You take an Iron supplement and it has a temporary positive effect and over time the anemia reoccurs?
Are you not able to take an Iron supplement without experiencing nausea?
Are you taking an Iron supplement and it as not improved your lab tests?

Anemia is caused by the body not producing enough red blood cells and producing them is more complex than an taking an Iron supplement. There are several biological processes that must function well to create the environment for RBC’s to be produced and those varied processes require an assortment of nutrients and activation.

Our services provides an extensive review of these systems and processes to find the root cause and then develop a treatment plan to “build blood” and along the way address various symptoms: Headaches, fatigue, foggy thinking, poor concentration, amenorrhea, dizziness and more,

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Are you doing everything you can to management of your condition and reduce your dependentcy upon medications and living with their side effects?

Management of blood viscosity It is imperative for the prevention of heart attack, stroke and kidney issues hence you maybe taking a blood thinner or anticoagulant. Yet, did you know that there natural substances and nutrients that can improve your blood viscosity to prevent ‘clotting’?

Acupuncture, natural medicinals and appropriate diet can improve circulation, reduce blood pressure and stabilize arrhythmias. As well, these therapies can reduce the symptoms that occur between pheboty sessions. Those symptoms include:
• Sweating
• Ringing in the ears
• Blurred vision or blind spots
• Dizziness or vertigo
• Reddish or purplish skin
• Unexpected weight loss
• Bleeding or clotting
• Early feeling of fullness (satiety)
• Itching (pruritis), especially after the shower
• Burning and redness of the hands or feet
• Tiredness (fatigue)
• Night sweats

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